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Astor Network is an Ethereum testnet that uses SHA3 as its proof of work method. SHA3 allows for a higher performance, and safer block production. Astor is based on ECIP-1049 which was proposed for Ethereum Classic in response to the 51% attack of January 2019.
  • Motivation
  • What and why of Astor
  • Why do we use SHA3 for Proof of Work?
  • How does SHA3 help secure Ethereum?
  • Mine
  • How do I start mining on Astor?
  • What is the state of GPU support?
  • How do I build an FPGA/ASIC for SHA3?
  • Mining pool information
  • Node
  • Which nodes are supported?
  • Running a node.
  • Wallet support.
  • Explore
  • Astor Network Stats
  • Block explorer support
  • Dev
  • Run a local Keccak mining node
  • Docker Compose
  • Testing mining