Astor Roadmap

Achievements so far:

Near Term Goals (2019 - 2021)

What we are trying to achieve right now:

  • Create P2P Mineable Astor Testnet.
  • Integrate in more than one Ethereum client (Geth, Mantis)
  • Connect Astor to Blockscout block explorer.
  • Create an open-source GPU Miner.
  • Flyclient compatibility.
  • Security audit of Parity implementation.
  • Joule Token merge mining.

Long Term Goals (2020 and Beyond)

What we hope to achieve in the future:

  • Launch on Ethereum Classic (ETC) mainnet.
  • Open source FPGA design for SHA3 mining.
  • SHA3 Mining Pool software.
  • Built in SHA3 instruction on mobile phones.

Joule Token Concept

Because Keccak is compute and not memory bound, the hash rate of a network is proportional to the number of watts being used to secure the network. Over time this can be tallied to determine the proportional number of Joules that went into securing the network. We will be deploying an ERC-20 token that will be distributed to miners if they call a method to generate tokens. These Joule tokens will be inflationary and be proportionally distributed to the hash rate applied to secure the network. These tokens will be stable coins of their own kind, stable relative to the price of creating hash power.