Astor Roadmap

This standard uses the following Keccak256 control hash - if a device can produce this hash it will work for ECIP1049:

keccak256("ETC")= 49b019f3320b92b2244c14d064de7e7b09dbc4c649e8650e7aa17e5ce7253294

Achievements so far:

Near Term Goals (2019 - 2020)

What we are trying to achieve right now:

Long Term Goals (2020 and Beyond)

What we hope to achieve in the future:

  • Launch on Ethereum Classic (ETC) mainnet.
  • Open source FPGA design for Keccak256 mining.
  • Keccak256 Mining Pool software.
  • Built in Keccak256 instruction on mobile phones.